Playing Barbie… seriously this time.

May 1, 2010 at 11:27 pm (Uncategorized)

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So I’ve been on Second Life for a year now and dating Evan for nearly as long. When I started SL, there were so many things to learn. Ironically (or not) dressing my avatar was one of the first and for a girl who played with Barbie dolls long into her school years, that took a while! Don’t most people spend the first several hours of their second life, learning to move around and getting freebies?

I first rezzed at the Fashion Research Institute. Literally, my idea was to learn to design clothing. Once I got to NCI and learned about other classes I could take, I had visions of myself building and creating classes. Didn’t take one. Distraction, for me anyway, is a frequent problem. Perhaps it is exacerbated by the fact that everywhere you go there is usually a dance club, LOL. I started SL on April 2. Met Evan at The Shelter on April 4 and that’s all she wrote. 🙂

I spent a year mesmerized by dancing, meeting avis, and exploring sims. Every activity required a change of clothes – that was half the fun – so there was also a constant searching for the best freebies. Then while searching google for more information about second life, I came across a blog and my world changed.

In her blog, Natalia Zelmanov, did more than I could ever imagine doing with my own. She provided a “getting started guide, tutorials, and exposed me to… shopping! That’s right – actually spending Lindens for clothing. And wow, were those (albeit virtual) clothes, awesome! But she said it best in a comment: “SL was a confusing mess of clubs and weird places for a newbie.”

So now, a year later, I look up and realize that I while I did (develop a very healthy inventory and) meet the man of my dreams, I did NOT do anything I came to do.

Quiet evening at home

So my first rezday has come and gone. I’m a bit older and a bit SL-wiser. I have, along the way, discovered that making clothes and building is more complicated than I thought. (Props to all the designers out there) SL is a little bit more complicated than The Sims LOL.

I have also learned that I really enjoy meeting avis from all over the world; SL has a rich fashion industry; and I would love nothing better (after a nice quiet evening with my sweets) than to help promote (marketing being my RL gig) any of the great designers I’ve discovered.

So what does a girl do when she loves fashion, needs people interaction, and has got (can afford) a great body? She attempts to get in to modeling. Well at least this girl does. So this time, I’m playing Barbie… seriously this time.


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