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August 11, 2010 at 10:52 am (Events)

dancin wit AR_001
Originally uploaded by ~TLC

Ok maybe that phrase is overused but I am just so dang excited! I was accepted/hired to be a conributor to the Fashion Palace blog. FP is part of the Roddenham Circle of Businesses as well as Fashion Institute. (And I love me some FI)

So of course since I went to Acheron’s grand opening and took pics that is my first post. (We’ll see if it gets approved!) I needed to do some follow-up on details so popped back in to the shop and ran into the Lady herself.

We chatted a bit and danced to the radio. (um, yeah, so that is why it took me longer than I thought to post this first one. I was a bit distracted)
Anyway, I had a blast and got to know Ms. Ruby a bit better. She is an awesome chick!

Oh… is it vain that I’m only posting a pic of me? Oh well, check my flickr page for all the pics from the other night.


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