Out the box!

August 18, 2010 at 5:34 pm (Tips, Training) ()

Took my first design class, How To Make a Box, taught by Zari Genira. It was FREE! Now you may wonder,

“um, Terri, you sat through a whole hour learning how to make a box?”  And I would say,

“um, duh, it was free!”

But the class is really much more than making a box. You make the box in the first five minutes. This class, the first in a series, will leave you understanding the general function on each tab of the edit menu.


Being a model/student/clothing obsessed avatar, I have had to play with the edit menu – to edit prims or put little-used items into a prim for storage (an essential to organizing one’s inventory). But I did not realize even the beginning of the intricacies of setting permissions, how to adjust prims by using the grid, what was meant on the object tab by physical versus phantom; or what the keyboard shortcut was to stretch and rotate.

Not only am I excited about learning more – the next class in the series, Prim Manipulation, is free at least for a while – but already I am shaving some time off my daily routine when I log on at the last minute and have to run to class or even go out in ‘public’. Sure it’s ok for my hubby to see me with my prims every which way but (thankfully perhaps) he’s not a model so he doesn’t notice.


Zari teaching class and watching us experiment.

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit it but I did make the comment afterwards that I think all models should take this class because of the (albeit limited) work we do with prims. I think it would make anyone a better model to know this information. It might even manage to increase our great appreciation for designers if that is possible. I know submitting that comment is like having someone in class ask what the homework is going to be for next week when your teacher hasn’t assigned anything! LOL Okay, stop throwing spitballs at me.


Dayne has made her box round and glowing! Mine is a trapezoid. My future in design is limited.

The next classes in the series and the Certificate of Building Blocks Design are:

  • Prim Manipulation
  • Basic Texturing
  • Ethics in Design
  • Lag, Graphics Settings & Other Important Design Considerations
  • The 5 W’s of Design
  • Basic Scripting
  • Intro to Graphics Programs

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