Pictures at a Picnik

September 6, 2010 at 11:41 am (Tips, Training)

I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been busy taking classes! One thing I’ve learned is that a critical skill a model needs is to be able to take a decent picture of herself. Why not just hire a photographer? Well, I think I should for real portfolio shoots. But if I paid someone every time I wanted to capture a pic of myself for blogging or to capture a moment to later post on flickr, I’d never have any Lindens to shop! Priorities people!

Talyia Tarber offers a class called Let’s Go on a Picnic through the Photography School. I just happened to be free so after reading the description of the class:

“In this class you will learn some easy photo processing tricks using an intuitive web based photo processing program as well as learn about aspect ratios. You will need to have a raw SL photo that’s been saved to your harddrive.” Being able to take a snapshot is required. This class will only be taught in voice so please have it enabled, be prepared to take notes and follow along. 🙂

I realized this was exactly what I needed. I thought I knew how to take a snapshot, so the photo processing part was what really grabbed my attention. (I have downloaded Gimp, but am slowly self-teaching. Anyone know where to take some Gimp classes?)

What I learned is that I didn’t know how to take a good snapshot –  or raw photo – as described in one of the other PS classes, “Get Ready to Shoot”. (Not sure if I should take that too but I digress). I learned what graphic settings to use, what ratio, and why I shouldn’t save it as a jpeg. I don’t think that was the main point of the class but I really appreciate Talyia and the other student’s patience as I struggled with various things (including dealing with viewer 2 deciding I no longer needed voice).

So I haven’t even gotten to the point of the class LOL or why it was called a picnic! Well it was just like a picnic because we were sitting outside on the beautiful grounds of Fashion Institute. (I’d never taken time to stroll around) As you’ll see in this pic, Talyia brought out some whimsical outdoor furniture which set the mood for fun and creativity!


Once we all had our raw photos, we uploaded them to Picnik. I’ve used it minimally in flickr but haven’t explored the possibilities. Talyia took us through each section and showed us the tools and by doing it along with her, I got a good idea of what kind of effects did what. My creative potential just shot up by 100 %!


I’m not sure if I’m going to post the photo I ended up with in her class because…. well… while my potential shot up, my actual is still trying to get it’s arse out of bed. But I do hope, that in the future, we will see an improvement on the pictures on my blog and flickr. In recent ones, the styling is improving but the photo quality detracts from it’s value. I’d even like to improve the pics of my friends and well yes of me and Evan.

So to all my model friends out there, I strongly recommend taking a photography class, if nothing else, to know what you don’t know you don’t know. (did you follow that?) There are so many models whose pictures are amazing – and they do it themselves. I’m not sure if they took classes or were self taught. Maybe someone can share their experience, but for those who didn’t rez here with mad skillz in graphic design or photography already consider taking a class or two from the Photography School. Then let’s compare our progress! To find out what classes are coming up click here.


This is my before pic which doesn't give me much to work with. So I'll try the exercise once more and post later...hopefully.


Ok ok, this is lame I know. But as you can see, I learned about adding glow, color, framing, adding um that silhouette-y thing, and text. See? Increased potential...


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