Castings, Contests, and Fashion Show Calendar

January 12, 2011 at 6:29 pm (Resources)

Many bloggers try to post what they know about contests and fashion shows but I doubt anyone captures them all. (Although CSLTM comes pretty darn close) Inspired by the calendar on SLHunts blog, I decided to start a Google calendar for castings, contests, and shows. This is in its Beta stage… or is it Alpha?

Anyway, anyone can contribute, you just need to send me your e-mail address. ALSO, anyone can embed the calendar into their blog so it isn’t like you are contributing to something that I’m getting credit for. So if you have the information, please share it!

UPDATE: I am moving all this information over to a link on Model’s Workshop Blog. If you still want to participate to make sure your organization gets their shows, contests, and castings listed you must send me your information directly with a note that it is for the Model’s Workshop Calendar. If it is appropriate, I will post it within 24 hours unless otherwise notified. StarWalkers group has started a pretty comprehensive calendar. MW will only list MW related events.

Contests etc. calendar

P.S.: You can simply IM or e-mail the information to me, but I cannot guarantee it will be posted in a timely fashion. That’s just the God-honest truth.

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