Taking it Seriously

February 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm (Business in SL, Virtual Worlds General) ()


I recently saw a fascinating video on the study of culture in virtual worlds, specifically Second Life. I find it awesome that there is research and study in this new medium because personally, I think VR Platforms are the social marketing platforms of tomorrow. There is a lot of perfecting to do and business still needs to learn how to enter and make money. If you know of one, let me know I think I have some very solid ideas.

Enough tooting my own horn.


Here is the schedule of future Metanomics discussions from February 14: Metanomics is Dark Today.

February 21: Rob Bloomfield welcomes blogger Paul Ford for a discussion of web culture.
February 28: Dusan Writer guest hosts a session on Dialogues and Spirituality.

March 7: Hamlet Au joins Rob Bloomfield for a long view on Linden Lab.
March 14: Major Player in Game Design (To be confirmed.)
March 21: Dark anticipating the following Thursday:
March 24: Mixed Reality Event from the GameTech Conference
March 28: Innovative Game Model Co-Developed by Multiple Schools at Major University



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