Thanks for visiting my blog! These days, most of my time is spent working as marketing director for Scruplz Magazine. Perhaps it was too much bleaching in order to become a blonde, but I continue to have a passion for modeling in SL and try to fit it in when I can.

Although I first rezzed in 2009, I began the adventure of SL modeling in June 2010. Graduated from SuperElite Academy (9/10), graduated from Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy in October, and completed my Associate’s Degree at Fashion Institute literally just before it closed.

I contribute to the Scruplz blog and Model Curiosity in addition to my own. I have blogged in RL but this is the first time using wordpress so please have patience. I’m not familiar with all the bells and whistles!

Thank you to Luana Nayer for my first live model gig at Pure Poison! (I think she had to hire me, I just about bought out her entire store LOL) In-world I have done freelance writing, marketing consulting, and am an active member of Models’ Workshop. Somewhere in there I manage to spend leisure time with my partner and best friend, Evan.

My friends know I have a bit of a wacky sense of humor. I’m full of ideas. I tend to overcommit and am a bit of a perfectionist. This blog will be far from perfect but I hope you laugh and find somethings useful. Please come back to see my progress and say hello in-world!

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